Christmas Message 2017

The Christmas Message

 The true meaning of Christmas has always been one of Hope, of promise, of a world renewed and peaceful. The stories that we tell at Christmas speak of messengers of peace. of struggle and birth, of death and life.... New life.

As we look around the world, at the wars and refugees, the pain and the struggle this Hope can seem a vain one. It seems that we human beings are not able to live in peace, that we can’t limit our greedy urges. It seems that war is our natural state and that the planet will die under the weight of our pollution.

What can Christmas mean to a world divided? What can it mean in our own lives if we are struggling with poverty or illness?

It means HOPE, it means that we can imagine a future that is different. It means that we can believe that we can be more loving, generous and caring that we have ever been before.

All the best Christmas stories and films carry this message of Hope and of Goodwill….. and we love them for it.

The story of a baby born in a stable in an occupied country to a couple who then flee for their lives; the story of the birth of Jesus, is one that is enacted across the world every day. New life comes into dead places and love nourishes it.

Wherever we find ourselves this Christmas, whatever hardships we may be carrying, the churches of this valley light up with Hope. Throughout the whole of the year the churches struggle to keep this Hope alive in our communities offering support for the grieving, care for the lonely, charity for those in need.

The Christmas story becomes a longer tale of the life of Jesus that continues to speak of Hope and Salvation, of a new way of being human. Jesus’ teachings and life remain the greatest example of life lived in peace and goodwill and the stories of his continuing life with us mean that we don’t hope in vain.

So, at Christmas we tell the stories that move us into a different reality, that give our imaginations Hope and in doing so we have the possibility of really being that messenger of peace and goodwill that our true humanity longs to be. 

The Word became a human being and, full of grace and truth, lived among us. We saw his glory, the glory which he received as the Father's only Son.

May God Bless us all this Christmas

Ali Morley