Cornerstone Community Support Centre

Cornerstone Centre is currently offering a limited service via telephone or email, even though it is not able to open its premises due to the Corona virus. If you need help, do not hesitate to contact Cornerstone and the team of volunteers will do their best to help. Potential clients are asked to be aware that due to the current circumstances there may be some delay before a volunteer is able to contact you. Also, the help which volunteers are able to give will probably be more limited than usual, but they will do their best.

If you have a problem which you wish to discuss, please do not hesitate to make contact by telephone on 01985 220657 (answerphone) or send an email to

Cornerstone Support Centre is at the side of the Central Car park in Warminster. Supported by the Warminster churches, it provides advice and support for people on matters such as benefit claims and problems, form filling, communication with government bodies and in some cases personal representation. Computers are available for clients to use at the Centre, which is normally open on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. Services and help are entirely free.