Reformation Evening

With an enthusiastic sing song, a passionate (short) sermon and a free supper with illustrated talk, the Reformation evening at Upton Lovell was enjoyed by all.

One attendee commented,
 "Last night’s service in celebration of Martin Luther was lovely – I hadn’t expected all those Reformation hymns to go with such a swing, but the congregation joined in quite nicely.  We got a definite feeling of what Martin Luther was trying to achieve, and why.  Ali provided a splendid feast afterwards, plus German beer/lager – many thanks, Ali, for all the time and trouble.  There were many ‘yums’ of appreciation. It was just a shame that people are so parochial.  Why can’t they travel to another village for a special service (and free supper)? It was ‘worth a detour’, and the talk afterwards was low-key but very good."
A note from the chef... 'It was good there weren't too many more as this photo was taken just before seconds was called!!!!'