St Peter’s Church, Codford

We are all still praying that the days are not far off when we can open St Peter’s, at least for private prayer.  In the meantime, I am pleased to say the churchyard is looking much better.

Many thanks to those who have helped with weeding and tidying.  In addition, after eight long months of paperwork and approvals, we have finally managed to sort out the collapsed graves!  Big thanks to Alan and Henry for expertise, labour, equipment and materials. And a particular thank you to Dr Mike Allen, Codford’s famous environmental archaeologist, conchologist and all-round guru on all things underground, who has provided expert advice all the way through.  Thanks to all that volunteering, the restoration hasn’t cost us a penny.

The grass will return shortly and no one will ever know.  All perfectly timed for the Girardot wedding that sadly can’t happen on Saturday… but hopefully will take place in the not-too-distant future!