St Peter’s Codford – Advent and Christmas news

Many apologies for the lack of November news, but here’s a bumper edition for the run-up to Christmas.

The big news has of course been the bells, which are now up and ringing in the tower as they have for hundreds of years.   Just think that James VI of Scotland had only just united the crowns when the first bell was cast!  They sound magnificent; I know I wasn’t the only one feeling quite emotional listening to them as I walked to church on the morning of the 24th November.  The ringers then joined Trudy and us all in prayer (as per the picture above).  May they ring out God’s good news for centuries to come.  We all owe our gratitude to Anthony Bainbridge who has toiled so hard in initiating, fundraising for and managing the project through to conclusion: thank you, Anthony.

Sarah Cordwent and Roger Watkins left us for sunnier climes in October.  We shall certainly miss their musical talents and good humour at St Peter’s.  But fear not, we are still putting together a choir for the ‘midnight’ service on Christmas Eve!

We also had an informal visit from the Archdeacon and members of the DAC (a group of architectural advisors to the diocese) to discuss our hopes and plans to improve the facilities in the church (loo, washing facilities, heating etc.).  We are pleased to report that they were positive, so we are moving forward with detailed designs and engaging the local planning authorities.  Do speak to Alasdair if you would like to hear more.

Here are all the services in Codford this December.  This year St Mary’s is hosting the village carol service, which is always a wonderful occasion.

We look forward to seeing you.

Alasdair and Barbara

O ye Servants of the Lord, bless ye the Lord : praise him, and magnify him for ever.

Benedicite 30.