Environmental Examen

Reflecting on how I have cared for God’s creation today

All creation reflects the beauty and blessing of God’s image. Where was I most aware of this today?

Have I made a conscious effort to care for God’s creation today?

What has challenged me or given me joy as I reflect on my care for God’s creation?

How can I repair any conscious or unconscious damage I have caused creation?

As I think about tomorrow, I ask God for the grace to see our Incarnate Christ in all aspects of creation and remember that we are all part of the community of creation. That no-one is “immune to creation’s suffering. Climate change, species loss, plastic pollution, war and poverty all impact people, other creatures, and ecosystems together” (Saying Yes to Life, Ruth Valerio, SPCK, 2020)

Almighty God, help us all to accept our responsibility to care for the environment in which we live. Help us to realise ways in which we can live in harmony with creation for the flourishing of all. All people may consider environmental concerns when making decisions in their daily lives.