Thursday 25 April

Codford St Mary           6.30am              Anzac Service


Sunday 28 April - 5th Sunday of Easter

Sutton Veny                   8.00am              Holy Communion (BCP)

Codford St Mary            9.30am              Matins

Knook                            11.00am             Parish Communion

Heytesbury                    6.00pm              Evensong (BCP)


Sunday 5th May - 6th Sunday of Easter

Heytesbury                     9.30am              Sunday Worship

Sutton Veny                    9.30am              Sunday Worship for Rogation

Codford St Peter            11.00am            Parish Communion (with Choir)

Upton Lovell                   6.00pm              Evensong (BCP)


Thursday 09th May - Ascension Day 

Sherrington                    6.00pm              Evensong for Ascension Day (with Choir)


Sunday 12th May – 7th Sunday of Easter

Tytherington                  8.00am              Holy Communion (BCP)

Upton Lovell                  9.30am              Celtic Morning Prayer Gill

Heytesbury                    11.00am            Parish Communion (with Choir)

Codford St Mary           6.00pm              Evensong (BCP)


Sunday 19th May - Pentecost

Boyton                            8.00am              Holy Communion (BCP)

Codford St Peter           9.30am              Morning Prayer on Sunday (with Choir)

Norton Bavant               11.00am            Parish Communion


Sunday 26th May – Trinity Sunday

Sutton Veny                   8.00am              Holy Communion (BCP)

Codford St Mary            9.30am              Parish Communion

Knook                             11.00am            Matins (with Choir)

Heytesbury                    6.00pm              Evensong (BCP)