Friends of St Mary's, Codford

The Friends of St Mary’s Church in Codford is a body of volunteers set up to raise money for the upkeep and fabric of our ancient church. It organises and runs a number of fundraising events each year, it has an Annual General Meeting in early May for all its members and has never yet had to turn down a request for support from the PCC. Its annual income, gained from a number of events and activities including lunches (and the annual Ploughman’s Lunch held in February and which attracts more than 70 villagers is a good example), receptions and concerts, as well as dividends from carefully invested funds, hovers around the £5000 mark which, together with regular donations, has proved to be sufficient for its purpose.

Should anyone require more details, wish to offer help or make a donation please contact the Chairman, Mrs J Claypoole, on