The Upper Wylye Valley Team

The Churches of the Upper Wylye Valley Team belong to you, to everyone who lives in the parishes and to the nation. They are beautiful historic buildings cared for by teams of dedicated volunteers who keep them open all year round so that there is a free space in very village for YOU.

In this time of change in the ways we think, live and believe these churches offer a place of sanctuary where you will be heard and offered food for your soul…. A spiritual place for times when your heart is aching or your mind confused. The welcome we offer is in the name of Jesus, it is Christian, and because it is Christian it is open to all people of any faith and none… because the welcome, the worth and the care of everyone is the foundation of our faith.

Our services are traditional and full of poetry, using words from as long ago as 1662 and so may sound unusual. They contain belief statements that are historic and hymns that were written in very different times but this is something that we cherish as it connects us to past wisdom's and anchors us to a tradition.We have many different forms of service; ancient, contemporary, Celtic and contemplative spread across the Team so there is an opportunity for you to find the spiritual space you are seeking.

However the church is very much more than buildings and Sunday services…. We are active in many ways……

Serving our communities pastorally

Creating and tending common spaces

Celebrating rituals of meaning

Holding a safe space for mourning

Teaching about the spiritual life

Speaking out for social justice

Caring for the environment

Welcoming the excluded